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Fishing Report June 26, 2015

Gippsland Lakes Fishing Report

Lakes Entrance: The town jetties have Luderick, taking weed. Some Whiting are cruising about. Try the North Arm for Bream. Best baits are worm and prawn. Some Salmon are being taken at the surf beaches. Offshore, around six mile reef for “Gummies” and Snapper. Best bait is pilchard, squid and drifting bait.

Lake Tyers: In deep water from Cameron’s Arm, the channel markers and to the island for Bream. Best results using lures. With fresh water entering the lake together with good high tides. Salt water has been entering, producing plenty of bait fish. As a result good Bream 38-42cm have been caught. Surf has Salmon on lures.

Mitchell River: Fresh water has entered into the river; as a result fishing is a bit quiet. From grassy bank and towards the mouth of the Mitchell have Bream, taking spider crab and local prawn. Perch are a bit quiet at the moment.

Tambo River: From Punthouse Point towards Sardine Flats and Bennet’s Brook for Bream and Mullet. Best bait is worm, shrimp and local peeled prawn.

Nicholson: Bream have been taken from the highway bridge up to the strait six and the poplars, biting on local prawn.

Metung: Bancroft Bay, Baxter Island and to Bell Point for Bream and the “odd” Flathead. Bait of choice being local prawn. Also try Shaving Point to Lake King jetty. Town jetties are the place to spot Dolphins and Seals.

Paynesville: The straits, boat ramp and jetties are producing Bream, Mullet and Trevally. Bait of choice being worm, peeled prawn and shrimp.

Hollands Landing: Tom’s Creek and Seacombe Landing to the straits near Holland Landing are best spots for Bream on worm and spider crab. Some Mullet have been caught as well.

Marlo: Brodribb River has Bream and are out and about the Fishing Club at Marlo. Lake Corringle has Bream, Mullet and Luderick. Bait of choice being local prawn and worm. The beach has Salmon and Tailor, taking popper and pilchards. Offshore, Flathead are on the go.

Tamboon Inlet: Old Man Point and the camp site down towards the rocks for Bream. Mullet and Luderick, taking sandworm and prawn. Surf for Salmon and Tailor on poppers and pilchard.

Bemm River: Water level in the Lake in rising but the entrance is still closed. Luderick and Bream are in the lake, best bait at the moment is worm.

Mallacoota: Fresh water has entered the lake system bringing Bream down into the lake. Best bait is bass yabbies. Flathead are a bit quiet but up in the upper reaches in shallow water is a good spot. Luderick are a bit quiet, but are around main wharf and fisherman’s wharf. Also some Trevally are to be had. The beach is producing Salmon on spinner as bait of choice.

Omeo High Country: It is now a “closed season” until 1st Saturday in September, 2015.

Fishing report brought to you courtesy of the Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre.

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