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Gippsland Pearls

Located in beautiful Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland, backing onto the Colquhoun State Forest, we grow gourmet mushrooms and produce escargot caviar from our snail farm. Farm and factory tours in a stunning bush setting are available!

Escargot Caviar
Escargot caviar are the delicate pearly white eggs of snails and are regarded as a fine delicacy overseas. Second only to Beluga Caviar in cost, this unique delicacy is currently unavailable in Australia.

Our snails are housed in custom controlled indoor environments where they are protected from extreme weather and predators while having their dietary needs, temperature and humidity needs all strictly met.

Gourmet Mushrooms
Gourmet mushrooms, such as oyster mushrooms, are grown completely on site here at Gippsland Pearls. From spawn development to the final fruiting and harvesting stages, we take care of it all here in Lakes Entrance.

Come out and see Gippsland Pearls as we set up and establish our farm and factory. See how snails are housed and cared for, how gourmet mushrooms are grown and enjoy the surrounding bushland.

Contact Details

  • Street: 117 Hoggs Lane, Lakes Entrance
  • Town: Lakes Entrance
  • Phone: 0437 353 808
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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