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Pettmans Beach

Pettmans Beach is a little known beach and campground hidden away down a dirt road, accessed just past Nowa Nowa.

Access via Lake Tyers House Road is good for cars, motor homes and even caravans would do the trek. Leaving from Nowa Nowa (heading to Sydney) on the Princes Hwy, you'll see a signpost on the right hand side. Just follow that road all the way, looking out for sign posts as you go. Use Google Maps, it'll take you there.

This is a cosy little campground and an absolutely gorgeous beach. You will find yourself the only one strolling for miles and miles along this beach. No need for a nudist beach, just strip off and take a skinny dip in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The camp ground itself is very small and limited to a few campers at a time. So if you do decide to stay, don't spread out and hog the space. Be considerate of others.

From here you can also access the Glasshouse. Check our other Drive Article.