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Metung is a small but busy village situated on a peninsula between Lake King and Bancroft Bay.

A: Nungurner Road turnoff - Signposted turnoff to Metung. Follow this road through to it's end, then turn left at the T intersection.

About half way along Nungurner Road, is the turnoff to Nungurner, to the left.

Feel free to divert down to Nungurner Jetty for a look. It's very nice at the jetty. Return the same road and continue to Metung.

B: Metung

Metung is a popular spot for holiday makers, with it's excellent marina facilities and a large, professional Golf course.

The original inhabitants of the area—the Aboriginal Gunai or Kurnai people — told a story about an unusual group of rocks now found alongside the boardwalk in the Metung Marina on Bancroft Bay. This legend or fable indicates how greed will be punished.

The legend goes that some fishermen made a good catch and ate the fish around their campfire.

The fishermen, however, did not share their catch with their dogs, despite having more than enough to eat.

As a punishment, the women, who were guardians of social law, turned the greedy men to stone.

Originally there were three rocks found at this location that related to the legend, but two of them were destroyed during road works. The remaining Legend Rock is now protected.


Second Saturday of every month on the Village Green. 8:30am - 1pm

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