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Warm Ocean Currents

Warm Ocean Currents

Warm ocean currents are keeping our beaches at Lakes Entrance at a pleasant temperature for late Summer swimming. Well, Autumn swimming.

If you wander down to the beach today, you're in for a big surprise ... those warm ocean currents coming from up North are still washing up on the beaches of Ninety Mile Beach.

After a swim this morning, I would guestimate the water temperature to still be in the 20 plus degree range. Making it ideal for an early morning dip while the air is still cool.

Making your way down to the beach before 9am, you'll find yourself alone, with miles and miles of yellow sandy beaches stretched out before you. Perhaps the occasional dog-walker, getting their exercise before heading off to the office, will be the only soul to interrupt your commune with the Ocean gods.

The occassional dip into the salt water of our great Pacific Ocean is great for your skin, complexion and health and well-being. We live on a Water Planet, with water making up over 70% of our own bodies.

So, do yourself a favor, book your accommodation in Lakes Entrance for the Easter break, take a Cruise on the Gippsland Lakes, and best of all, bathe yourself in the warm salty waters of Ninety Mile Beach.


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Thursday, 02 December 2021

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