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Volunteer in Australia

Volunteer in Australia

​Many opportunities to Volunteer or join WWOOF Australia and travel on a budget.

​Travelling around Australia has never been cheaper or easier with the popularity of WWOOFing as an alternative. WWOOF Australia offer a 12 month membership which allows you to gain access to thousands of Host Farms all over Australia.

Once you're a member, you can then use their Website or free Mobile App to search for Host Farms using a multitude of search filters. Check by State, by region or select the types of Organic farms you would like to experience and gain new skills.

East Gippsland offers a great place to hook up with a Host Farm, or two, do your volunteer work in exchange for accommodation and food, and then in your spare time you can explore the vast Gippsland Lakes. 400 sq kilometers of inland lake system. 

If you're not into water activities, then venture north into the High Country or go exploring in the Old Growth temperate rain forests.

Summer is the best time to visit if you're into the beach, swimming or fishing. Autumn and Spring are the other best times to visit, as the tourists have generally moved further north, and the beaches and forests are all yours. The weather is still very mild, with days averaging 20 degrees celcius or warmer and the skies are generally blue (if you ignore the "contrails").

Volunteer Australia has some great resources to help you make your decision on how you Volunteer or Travel whilst in Australia. Some volunteer schemes are very dubious, so you're best sticking with an organisation such as WWOOF Australia, who has now been operating for 37 years in Australia, offering Organic Host Farms for you to choose from.

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Monday, 25 October 2021

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