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Stormy July

Stormy July
Wild weather has hit most of Victoria this weekend, making for a stunning beach-scape.

With winds battering the hatches and rain pelting down, it's been an weekend of staying indoors.

However, those who braved the elements (for the sake of their dog), and ventured onto one of Gippsland's many beaches, were greeted with some wonderful sites.

Wild oceans and huge waves always remind me of my grandmothers paintings of sailing ships traversing the high seas in wild weather. The water was never calm in those old oil paintings.

The temperature, on the other hand, hasn't dropped below 12-13 degrees here in Lakes Entrance, and the sun is just managing to shine through pockets of cloud. I suspect this weather will be over soon, and we'll be back to clear blue skies.

Perhaps you're one for the wild outdoors. If so, checkout some Lakes Entrance Accommodation. You can choose from a self contained apartment, a penthouse, a cosy cabin or hitch up your caravan and book a camp site.

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