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Rainforest Adventures

Rainforest Adventures
East Gippsland has the largest area of untouched wilderness left in Victoria.

According to the Environment East Gippsland website, East Gippsland has the unique feature of having the largest unbroken chain of forest, stretching from the alps to the sea.

There are trees estimated to be over 400 years old, stretching over 60 metres tall, towering over alpine environments and dry, rain-shadow woodlands.

Nowhere else in Australia will you find such a rich understory of Sassafras and Ferns, intermingled with plains of wildflowers and deep gorges.

Tall wet old growth forests and Mountain Plum Pine rainforests dominate the Errinundra Plateau, while the Snowy River National Park can change within kilometres from the tall, grand Alpine Ash forests to rugged, dry, rainshadow woodlands with native cypress pines. Both native pines are remnants from Gondwanic times.

According to Environment East Gippsland, the forests support a rich suite of wildlife from the huge hollow dwelling Greater Glider to the tiny Feather-tailed Glider. Brush-tailed Possums and a smaller Ring-tailed Possums are often seen at night in the spotlight.

The endangered Powerful Owl, Barking and Sooty Owls hunt in the forests by night, along with the Spot Tailed Quoll, mainland Australia’s largest marsupial (pouched mammal) carnivore, which is similar in size to a large cat. This also is very rare now.

Wallabies and Kangaroos are common but Bandicoots and Victoria’s rarest marsupial, the Long-footed Potoroo are fewer and more secretive. They all depend on unlogged forests for survival.

There are a number of camping areas throughout the region that are listed on Parks Victoria maps. Eco-friendly camp sites on the Brodribb River (with dry-composting loo) are available - free - at the small settlement of Goongerah. Follow the signs and turn down Ellery Creek Track off the Bonang Rd.

Please refer to Parks Vic websites, or Environment East Gippsland.

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