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Get the best Room Deal

Get the best Room Deal
Booking accommodation online - avoid the pitfalls.

We all know the feeling. It's 10:30pm and we were meant to have that room booked and paid for our weekend away.

Your mouse is hovering over the "Confirm" button ... is this the best deal? Could I get this room cheaper on another website?

With the plethora of Accommodation Online Booking sites these days, with new ones popping up every day, simply booking a room and getting a good price, is now a hit and miss affair.

Unbeknown to the retail customer, the actual Accommodation providers are paying some of these online booking websites commissions between 10-25%. These commissions are usually on top of their normal room rates.

In a competitive accommodation market, such as Lakes Entrance, accommodation providers are already operating on slim margins. Especially through the quieter Autumn, Spring and Winter months.

To then lose a whopping 15% on every room booked to the Online Booking website, an accommodation provider has no choice but to up the room price on that particular website.

If you're looking for the best price, and you want to know all the details of the accommodation you're going to book, it's an obvious choice to seek out the accommodation providers own website.

Here, you'll not only get a full description and plenty of images of your potential holiday stay, but you're also guaranteed to be getting the best price on offer.

Accommodation providers generally don't pay any commission to their "online booking company" if the booking is made through their own website. And the majority of providers now offer booking online on their own websites.

So, instead of paying additional fees and commissions, do yourself and the providers a favour and seek out their own website. You'll be glad you did.

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Saturday, 15 May 2021

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