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East Gippsland Critters

East Gippsland Critters

East Gippsland has been under the microscope of Entomological experts since 2014, surveying and discovering Gippsland and it's diverse species of insects and flora.

According to the ABC website, Museum Victoria's head of Sciences, Dr Mark Norman, has been surveying and guiding public walks in the Colquohoun State Forest, near Lakes Entrance.

Dr Mark Norman said that when people think of the Gippsland Lakes, they usually think of water, surfing, the Lakes and fishing. They're not aware of the huge ecological diversity that exists in East Gippsland.

Over the last four months, Dr Norman and his team have picked up close to 1,000 species of animals, from ants through to large mammals.

Just recently, whilst surveying the Mitchell River National Park, just outside of Bairnsdale, they discovered and captured 410 species of moths, many having never been recorded.

Dr Norman says this is just a small snapshot of how many species are living in the area.

If you're looking for an Eco Tourism type of holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of street lights, cars and highways, then East Gippsland should be your first choice.

Using Lakes Entrance as a base, you can "day-drive" deep into Rainforests, visit elaborate Cave systems at Buchan Caves, venture into the High Country via Omeo and Buchan, and explore the River flats around the Snowy River system.

Lakes Entrance Accommodation is vast and varied. From 4.5 star penthouses through to campsites and caravan stops.

Whilst here, there are obviously many Lake, Rivers and Ocean activities to choose from. Snorkling the reefs, learning to surf, fishing from shore or boat or, if you're into water sports, the area is your oyster.

Pay us a visit, you may be surprised.

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Thursday, 02 December 2021

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